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Traditional valuation services are completed on residential, commercial, rural and special use properties. Valuations are completed for different purposes within all four categories. 
1.1 Residential Properties
  Valuations for Insurance purposes 
  Valuations for Mortgage Advance
  Current Market Valuations for Estate purposes
  Matrimonial Valuations
  Valuations from Plans and Specifications for proposed new dwellings
  Progress Payment Valuations
  Freeholding Valuations for Leasehold Properties
  Selling - Advice on Current Market
  Levels and Asking Prices
  Valuations for Additions and/or renovations to existing residences
  Rental Assessments
  Market Overviews, Trends and General Advice
  Unit Title Assessments
 1.2 Commercial/Industrial  Properties
  Valuations for Mortgage Advance
  Valuations for Sale and Purchase
  Rental Assessment and Arbitration
  Insurance Valuations
  Ground Rental Assessments
  Feasibility Studies
  Calculations of Going Concern of a Business
  Valuation of Leases including Plant and Chattels and Goodwill combined
  Portfolio Valuations for Sale and Purchase and Mortgage Purposes
  Asset Valuations under SSAP17 and 28
  Working Capital Valuations
1.3 Rural Properties
  Valuations for all the major Lending Institutions
  Matrimonial Valuations
  Sale and Purchase Valuations
  Subdivision Valuations
  GST Apportionment
  Rental Valuations
  Profitability and Feasibility Studies
  Share Farming and Grazing Contracts
  Dairy Farm Conversions
  Asset Valuations
  Asset Rationalisation - Debt Reduction
  Arbitration and Mediation
  Rental Assessments
 1.4 Specialised Properties
  Retirement Villages
  Rest Homes
  Private Hospitals
  Dairy Farms
  Residential, Commercial and Rural Potential Development Properties
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